"I'm Adult ! Aren't I ?"

"I'm Adult ! Aren't I ?" The Case for a Formal Rite of Passage.

A stunning idea for our times, a riveting read...

Professor Joy Hendry
(Director of the Europe Japan Research Centre at Oxford Brookes University and Emerita Professor of Social Anthropology)

'I'm Adult! Aren't I!' is a major contribution to thinking in the area of youth development... Geoffrey Ben-Nathan's book presents a cogent case for a formal rite of passage programme in the UK. Fascinating!

Paul Oginsky
(Government Adviser on National Citizen Service, 'NCS')
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Good News.

The book seems to have had some influence. Its call for a formal rite of passage seems to have been heeded. The Government is offering all 16 yr olds 'National Citizen Service' (NCS). This is being billed by the Prime Minister, David Cameron, and other Ministers as a rite of passage.

However it greatly matters whether NCS will be rite of passage, 'buzzword' or, rite of passage, 'the real thing'. It vitally matters that NCS can be converted into a real rite of passage by offering those who complete it a meaningful transition in their personal status.

Download book sample.

Do use the link just below to get the flavour of the book and read the Preface, Foreword and Introduction and, definitely, the principles of The Argument (pps 17-18).